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Top 10 dream destinations in May and June

Top 10 dream destinations in May and June

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May is an ideal month for a wonderful holiday, anywhere in the world. In the northern hemisphere, spring is at its peak while in the southern hemisphere, winter has not yet begun. June delivers plenty of sunshine and long days if you choose a northern hemisphere destination. In the southern hemisphere, winter is beginning so it’s the time for active holidays in cooler weather there. But what are the top 10 dream destinations in May and June?

Bali, Indonesia

10 dream destinations in May and June

We have selected the following 10 dream destinations in May and June for you. All of them are great cities, regions or countries for a wonderful holiday. We have visited them all and were deeply impressed. In the blogs we wrote about them, you can find many more details on all the highlights. We also give you practical information for your visit in May and June.

Isle of Skye


The imposing chalk cliffs are a big feature of Normandy. Along the coast are numerous beautiful towns. The region is also known for its rural character. You find countless apple orchards and the apples are processed into cider and calvados. Two drinks not to miss out on in the region. Just like the delicious cheeses, of which Camembert is the best known.

The absolute highlight of Normandy is the iconic island of Mont Saint-Michel, with its narrow streets and imposing abbey. The Côte d’Albatre is the place to see the most beautiful chalk cliffs and some fun spots. Furthermore, the D-Day invasion beaches and museums commemorating the invasion are pretty impressive. And when you go to Normandy this year, you can witness the world’s biggest nautical event: the Armada de Rouen is a huge sailing spectacle from 8 to 18 June with countless large sailing ships from all over the world.


Loire Valley

The verdant countryside and countless grand castles are the Loire Valley’s main attractions. The opulent castles evoke the splendour of the French kings and their court. Since the kings never stayed in the same place for long in the Middle Ages, many magnificent castles were put up along the Loire. Chambord and Chenonceau are the most impressive of these. The region is also known for its top-quality, sparkling white wines. A wine and chateau tour of the Loire Valley combines culinary and cultural highlights of the region.

The city of Nantes is one of the last cities before the Loire River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. As the former capital of the Dukes of Brittany, Nantes has many monumental highlights. Such as the magnificent Château des Ducs de Bretagne. But Nantes cathedral and the botanical garden Jardin des Plantes are also interesting sights.


Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye is the absolute highlight of Scotland, as far as we are concerned. The island has pristine nature with jagged and desolate landscapes. Extraordinary cliffs, clattering waterfalls, mystical lakes and ultimate tranquillity in the most remote areas characterise the island.

Old Man of Storr and Quiraing are the ultimate natural highlights on Isle of Skye. The jagged rock formations make for spectacular views. In addition, a visit to one of the country’s most famous lighthouses, Neist Point Lighthouse, should not be missed. Whisky lovers will enjoy a visit to one of the traditional whisky distilleries.



Not just for opera lovers, Verona is an ideal city break destination. The city has countless monuments, many of which date back to Roman times. Ever since then, Piazza delle Erbe has been the centre of Verona. Beautiful palaces and churches line the square.

Verona is the setting of Shakespeare’s greatest love story. But it is the Roman, medieval and Renaissance architecture that made the city a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nowadays, you can get to Verona easily, quickly and in an eco-friendly manner by night train. Another reason to visit Verona! The city is also an excellent base to explore nearby Lake Garda.

Square in Verona

Las Vegas

This city with the all-telling nickname Sin City is the place to be for entertainment and gambling. Because Las Vegas is indeed one big casino. But it is also a fun nightlife city where anything goes. A city that, despite its ultra-high “bling bling content”, is really worth a visit. Even if only once in a lifetime. Imagine yourself in a fairy tale land where you can sail in a Venetian gondola, ride in a big bulldozer and admire the Eiffel Tower. Dancing fountains and exploding volcanoes provide even more spectacle.

The nearby Las Vegas area is ideal for many outdoorsy activities. The national parks and reserves offer endless hiking possibilities. From the city you can easily go on a day trip to the impressive Grand Canyon, for instance. There’s a reason why many tourists choose Las Vegas as a base from which to visit the surrounding parks.

Treasure Island

Yosemite National Park

One of the first national parks in the United States is Yosemite National Park in California. The park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. The park is best known for the Yosemite Valley. This valley is one of two valleys carved by glaciers. Late May is the ideal time to visit the park. Because then you get to see the most spectacular waterfalls. The climb to the iconic rock formation “Half Dome” is also possible then. It is a challenging and long hike, but certainly worth it. Fortunately, there are also many other and less strenuous hiking options in the park. You can even do several bicycle tours.

After a few days of exertion in Yosemite National Park, San Francisco is a lovely city to take a breather. A city with a laid-back atmosphere full of attractions. Like the Golden Gate Bridge, the historic and hand-operated cable cars and the famous Alcatraz prison.

Yosemite NP

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of the oldest, largest and most impressive game parks in the world. The park is home to the most animal species in all of Southern Africa.
This is due to the wide variety of landscapes in the park. So, the chances of spotting the “big five” are high. There is even the possibility of stumbling across the extremely rare white rhino.

The only drawback of Kruger National Park is that it is hugely popular. Therefore, it can get crowded at times, especially if you take an itinerary for a self-drive safari. So, you can also visit one of the other five beautiful game reserves in South Africa as most of these are less crowded.


The paradise island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is a dream destination for many. The beautiful white beaches with swaying palm trees give you the ultimate holiday feeling. The beaches on Ile aux Cerfs are particularly unique. The turquoise seawater invites you to snorkel or dive. Inland, you can enjoy beautiful walks in nature. And the bird lover will find what they are looking for in Mauritius. The island is a cultural melting pot of diverse populations.

As tempting as the beach and sea are, the capital Port Louis should not be missed when holidaying in Mauritius. The Black River Gorges National Park is also great for its unique flora and fauna. You can go on some beautiful walks there. The botanical gardens of Pamplemousses are special, too. By the way, Mauritius is also a great place for the most beautiful golf courses.

Water fall in Black River Gorges, Mauritius


Of all the islands in Indonesia, Bali is the most popular. There is a reason why beautiful Bali is called the island of the gods. The little pearl in the Indonesian archipelago has a varied mountainous landscape of volcanoes, a rugged coastline, lovely beaches, hot springs, waterfalls and beautiful emerald green sawas (rice fields).

Apart from beautifully green sawas and volcanoes, Bali is known worldwide for its countless Hindu temples. Each village must build and maintain at least three temples, but most villages have more. One of the most delightful spots on the island is Ubud. You’ll find the Monkey Forest there, among other things.

North Island in New Zealand

During this period, New Zealand‘s North Island is beautiful and wonderfully peaceful. The best way to explore the area is by campervan. It is a unique road trip with many special views of spectacular landscapes. If it is cold on an autumnal day, visit one of the many hot springs at Rotorua and Lake Taupo. On the pristine Coromandel Peninsula, you can even dig your own hot spring on the beach. In Tongariro National Park, you can go on the most insane hikes.

One of the most special experiences of a North Island trip is visiting Lord of the Rings filming locations. This will take you to Hobbiton, among other places. If you want to see all the filming locations, you will also have to visit the South Island. But that’s no punishment, including the famous Milford & Doubtful Sound.

Hobbiton, North Island, New Zealand

More dream destinations in May and June

Of course, there are more dream destinations to be found in May and June. But as far as we are concerned, these cities, regions and countries really stand out. If you want more inspiration yourself, take a look at our destinations page.