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What is an airpass?

There are quite a few airlines that offer airpasses: a certain number of one-way tickets at a reduced fare that you can book and use within a certain period of time. Such airpasses are particularly useful for travellers who plan to take many flights in a certain area. For example, if because of the large travel distances in that area, travelling by boat or bus is not an alternative.

We used it when we visited four islands in Micronesia. For years the Continental company had a kind of monopoly on interregional flights within this archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. The airpass saved us hundreds of dollars.


Booking in advance

A disadvantage of the airpass is that in most cases you have to book the flights in advance. This makes you less flexible in your itinerary. Also, some airpasses can only be booked in combination with the intercontinental flight to the starting point of the airpass.

Unfortunately, not all airlines are equally clear on how to book an airpass with them. If you request personal travel advice from us, we will look into the conditions of the airpass provider for the region where you need to make multiple flights.

On this page, we have listed a number of examples of advantageous options for you. You won’t find any fares here because they are subject to too many changes. On the country pages you will find more detailed information for the region or country in question.


GOL Brazil Airpass South America Brazil 4 flights in 90 days GOL Airlines
GOL South America Airpass South America Argentina, Brazil, Chile 4 flights in 90 days GOL Airlines
Azul Brazil Airpass South America Brazil various cheap packages Azul Airlines
Discover South Pacific Pass Melanesia Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia In coupons; fixed rates Air Calin, Air Vanuatu, Air Niugini, flysolomons
DiscoveryAirpass Southeast Asia Many countries in the region 3 – 16 coupons Bangkok Airways, Lao Airlines
Micronesia Airpass Micronesia All major islands including Guam and Marshall Islands In coupons; variable rates Star Alliance
Multi-island airpass French Polynesia many islands in French Polynesia various cheap packages Air Tahiti

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