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Sun lovers will find what they are looking for in Southern Europe. But not just sun. Greek and Roman influences provide a great cultural and historical offer.


Albania is a country that strangely enough is often overlooked by tourists. Its nature on the other hand is beautiful. The Osumi Canyon is also called the Grand Canyon of Europe. There are also beautiful, quiet beaches. The country has a rich history and is still very authentic. Food and accommodation here are still very cheap.


In this country, you come across many Eastern influences. The north has a mountainous country with large forests. In the south there are many limestone mountains. The cities of Sarajevo and Mostar are beautiful. The great damage to historic buildings and bridges, which was caused by the wars in former Yugoslavia, has been well restored everywhere.


Here you can experience classical antiquity in all its glory. Athens with the Acropolis, the amphitheatres, the oracle of Delphi, the cradle of the Olympic Games of Olympia and so on. But also, the many beautiful islands, ideal for an island-hopping holiday, are worth a visit.


Roman times come back to life when visiting Italy. Numerous beautiful buildings are reminders of that time. Italy is especially for people who enjoy life, the destination par excellence: dolce vita is the motto here with delicious food on a cosy terrace with a good glass of wine. The nature is also beautiful, both in winter and other seasons.


It has been an independent republic since 1995 and more and more Europeans are finding their way to Croatia. The Istrian peninsula with its beautiful coastline and the cosy town of Rovinji is a favourite. But you can also visit beautiful nature parks and beautiful cities in Croatia, such as Zagreb and Dubrovnik.


Perhaps best known for the Algarve, the coastal strip in the south of the country. But the cities of Lisbon and Porto are definitely worth a visit. Experience the traditional culture in Portugal by listening to the fado, for example. The countryside still offers authentic cities and villages.


Slovenia is mainly visited by travellers on their way to Croatia. Yet it is a country where you could stay a bit longer. You can view beautiful landscapes with marvellous nature. Small villages, where the friendly people like to welcome you, are situated in a beautiful hilly landscape. There is also plenty to do for active people.


World famous cities like Madrid and Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia, the Alhambra, all the beautiful cities and villages in Andalusia, the long coastline of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, delicious tapas, in Spain you find everything that makes travelling so special.



Spain has many attractive areas for tourists. The cities of Barcelona and Madrid are very popular for a city break. The Pyrenees and Spanish Basque Country are great for hiking. In addition, this region offers a lot of culture in the beautiful cities of Bilbao and San...

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Italy is a fantastic holiday destination for everyone. Culture, nature, atmosphere, food and drink, shopping, everything is possible here. There are few countries in Europe that have such a beautiful heritage of art and culture. This is where "la dolce vita" can be...

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Southern Europe, thanks to the fact that this area is closer to the equator and is influenced by the relatively warm Mediterranean Sea, mainly has dry warm summers to deal with and mild wet winters. in some places, even in the coldest months, it can be spring-like weather for weeks on end. It is not for nothing that many northern and western Europeans like to “hibernate” in Spain. Actually, you could say all the countries in southern Europe have a warm Mediterranean climate. Summers can be very hot and therefore these countries are very suitable in the period before and after the warm summer months.

Travelling within the region

The extensive and good motorway network means that many Europeans go on holiday by car to the “accessible” countries such as Spain, Italy and Croatia. In the summer months and especially at weekends, this leads to delays on the popular routes, tunnels and mountain passes. In the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Albania and Greece, the roads are still of inferior quality. For a longer trip, when you want to visit Greece, you can consider taking a ferry via Italy. But most will go by plane, especially if you want to go to more distant countries. Every country is easily accessible by plane.


Almost all countries in southern Europe do not require specific precautions, with the exception of Albania. If you want to travel to this country, it is best to contact a specialised institution to see which vaccinations are needed. In general, medical facilities are sufficiently available in all countries. Albania is an exception. Here, especially in rural areas, medical care may not be so good and may be quite scarce.

Personal travel advice

Southern Europe is ideal for a longer trip, for example by travelling around with a motorhome over a long period of time. There are so many beautiful things to see or do that a three-week holiday is actually (much) too short. Depending on your interests, available time and period of the year, you can go on a fantastic tour throughout Southern Europe. We will be happy to give you some personal travel advice, considering your personal preferences. See the dedicated page where you can request personal travel advice.