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We can imagine, however, that the sentiment among travellers now is to sit out the current COVID-19 crisis and to postpone travel plans. How long this situation will last, nobody can predict at the moment. One thing we do know for sure: surfing silver-travellers.com looking for a future holiday destination won’t do any harm.

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Lake Garda, the most beautiful and largest lake in Italy

Lake Garda, the most beautiful and largest lake in Italy

    Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. Every summer, the lake and the surrounding areas attract many holidaymakers. The beautiful, blue water is highly appealing, as are the many charming towns along the shores of the lake. This makes...

Denali National Park: Top Attraction of Alaska

Denali National Park: Top Attraction of Alaska

  The visit to Denali National Park is an experience filled with expectations of immensely high mountain peaks and endless glaciers. After all, a mountain of over 6000 meters high is not something you come across everywhere. Additionally,...

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