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This blog inspires and informs active people over 50 when they go on their dream trip. Whether it’s a summer holiday to Canada or Vietnam or planning a world trip: silver-travellers.com answers all your questions.

We can imagine, however, that the sentiment among travellers now is to sit out the current COVID-19 crisis and to postpone travel plans. How long this situation will last, nobody can predict at the moment. One thing we do know for sure: surfing silver-travellers.com looking for a future holiday destination won’t do any harm.

So check out the world map or use the search box below to look up your destination of choice, and get inspired by our blogs!

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Burgundy wine route through the Côte d’Or

Burgundy wine route through the Côte d’Or

    Last summer, we were in Burgundy both on our way to and from southern Europe. There we visited Beaune, Burgundy's undisputed wine capital. But also Dijon, the capital of French mustard. We also explored the picturesque villages on the...

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Beaune, the undisputed wine capital of Burgundy

Beaune, the undisputed wine capital of Burgundy

    On our way to southern Europe, we made a stopover in Beaune in Burgundy. But just an afternoon and evening proved insufficient to fully enjoy this picturesque town. So, we decided to stay a little longer in the Beaune area on the way...

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The latest best-read blogs

Jura Mountains

Hiking in the Jura Mountains, the “pure France”

Tribes of Ethiopia

The tribes in southern Ethiopia

Sud Lipez, Bolivia

The mountains and lakes of Sud Lipez

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