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I’m going travelling and I’m taking… It’s actually wise to pack as little as possible. Since you have to carry it and often everything you need is for sale in the destination country. However, a number of things should not be lacking when you go on a trip. We give you a small overview here, divided into the following categories:

  • Storage
  • Clothing
  • Protection
  • Hygiene
  • Comfort
  • Useful accessories

You can find articles related to your travel safety here. Below, you will find our tips for:


Backpack or travel bag

Indispensable for storing all your belongings. What you choose depends on what you are going to do. If you actively want to travel around for a longer period of time, taking all your luggage with you, then a backpack is necessary. If you don’t, you can use a travel bag. There are backpacks and travel bags on wheels, which are very practical. Finally, it is useful to have a rain cover. You often get one when you buy a backpack but if not, buy one separately.

Aircraft cover

This ensures good protection for your backpack or travel bag during the flight. Your tyres are not damaged and the backpack stays super clean. During transport in a bus it is also useful to put your backpack into the cover.

Day Backpack

Ideal for a day out, whether it’s a city walk or a trip through a nature park. Even if you carry your own luggage on a multi-day trek, a day backpack is still handy. Make sure it is big enough, 30 litres at a minimum. With this capacity, the size is usually also suitable to take the backpack as hand luggage. Here too, a personal rain cover is very handy.

Clothing Organisers

Handy for storing your clothes neatly and easily in your backpack or travel bag.

Cable Organiser

The modern digital traveller has some cables to take along on a trip. Charging cables for phone, camera, tablet, earplugs. And of course extra batteries, USB sticks, etc. In this practical folder you can store all the cords neatly and conveniently.

Toiletries bag

A bag in which you can store everything conveniently, with a mirror, several pockets, a zipper and a hook to hang it in the bathroom.



It is impractical to indicate what kind of clothing you should bring, because it strongly depends on what you are going to do, where you are going and when. We can give you some specific advice if you request Personal Travel Advice. We will also give you an example “packing list” for your clothes in that case. However, the following things are always useful to take with you, regardless of your activity and destination.

Walking shoes

Comfortable hiking boots are essential, whether you are going to a city or out in nature. You walk a lot during your trip and so you don’t want your feet to suffer. Hiking boots are divided into a number of categories, A to D. Category A shoe is a fairly flexible hiking shoe while category D is a very rigid, high mountain shoe for extreme tours. For most travellers, a shoe in category A-B is fine. We have walked all sorts of trails in these shoes without any problems. Fit is crucial, so get good advice from a specialist store!

Zip off walking trousers

Admittedly, they are not the most fashionable garment you can imagine but they are very practical, and that’s what it’s all about when travelling. They are often made of a quick-drying fabric. They also have many pockets and the stretch shape makes them very comfortable. When the weather is cooler, you can wear them like trousers. When it’s nice and warm, you wear them as shorts. You don’t have to pack them separately!

Walking socks

If you walk a lot, it is best to wear special walking socks to prevent blistering. They have a different fit and composition than normal socks. They are also often moisture- and heat-regulating.

Fleece vest

Very handy as it is nice and warm in cooler weather or in the evening. Some cardigans can also deal with a rain shower because they are water repellent. Jackets made of merino wool even stop body odour. Did you know that there are even fleece vests that are permanently insect repellent?

Flip Flops

In a warm country, flip flops are ideal. If you visit Asia and its many temples, flip flops are very handy, because you have to take off your shoes at every temple.

Rain poncho

Are you going to a tropical destination in the rainy season? Then take a small foldable rain poncho with you. It does not take up any space and keeps you dry during a heavy shower.




Essential to take with you. The closer you are to the equator and the higher you get, the higher the protection factor must be. And don’t forget the aftersun.

Anti-Insect Repellent

In almost all countries you have to deal with annoying mosquitoes, which are also the spreaders of tropical diseases. Your travel pharmacy pack must include a good insect repellent with DEET.

Mosquito net

If you’re not sure whether or not your accommodation has a mosquito net, you can bring a handy travel mosquito net that doesn’t take up much space.

First-aid kit

Especially because in tropical conditions small wounds can get inflamed, it is wise to bring a small first-aid kit.

Pill boxes

For the tablet-takers among us there are handy travel packages on the market, in which you can easily store your medicine.



Coccon and pillowcase

Are the sheets in your hotel room not as clean as at home? Or do you sleep in a sleeping bag on the trek? Then it’s nice to have a cocoon with you. Keeps things cool and fresh in any case. Most cocoons also have a pillowcase. They are the best.

Travel towel

For a multi-day trek, this microfibre towel is very handy. Light-weight, highly absorbent, anti-bacterial and dry again in no time.

Hand sanitiser

If you want to wash your hands and there is no soap or water in stock, some hand sanitiser is the answer. One drop is enough to clean your hands. Keep in a very small bottle, so it’s always handy to bring with you.

Travel soap sheets/face towels

Both products can clean face and hands. The soap sheets dissolve after use. The soaked washcloths are bigger. They will clean your body if there is no water or soap available. Choose dermatologically-tested products that are biodegradable.



Sleep Mask

Not only useful in the plane if you wish to sleep but also in the many hotel rooms that do not have good blackout curtains.

Neck pillow

Can also be used outside the plane if you go trekking and have no pillow in your shelter.


On a journey you can sleep in busy cities where traffic is raging 24 hours a day, have a pack of barking dogs in front of your hotel room or lie awake from all the sounds in the jungle. So it is nice to have earplugs with you. Bring a spare pair too; earplugs are not available everywhere.


Useful accessories


What a solution, a small, lightweight device on which you put many more books and travel guides than you can read during your trip. It also lets you read in dark places like in the evening on a bus or outside on the patio. Moreover, another thing that is also very useful on an E-reader: you can adjust the font size, so you don’t constantly need your reading glasses.

World travel plug

If you visit several countries on your trip, you really cannot do without a world travel plug. It is useful if the plug has multiple USB ports, so you can charge your phone, tablet, E-reader, camera battery all at the same time.

Power bank

For charging your mobile phone or tablet if you don’t find a power outlet for a few days. Make sure you choose the right charging capacity. The higher the number of mAh, the more often you can charge a smartphone. If you also want to charge a tablet, 20,000 mAh is recommended.


If you go for an evening walk in the jungle or have to get up early for a trekking, a headlamp is ideal. Choose a lightweight version and one that can’t accidentally switch on in your luggage, otherwise you’ll be in the dark when you need it. A headlamp is more convenient than a flashlight, because you keep your hands free.

Multi-use pocket knife

Always handy to have with you. Nail clippers, bottle opener, corkscrew and of course if you need to cut something. Do not put it in your hand luggage, otherwise you will have to hand it in at the airport security checkpoint.

Cable ties

A cable tie comes in handy more often than you might think. You can tie things together with it that are broken or torn, for example, or close the zippers on your flight bag so that unauthorised persons can’t get at your stuff quickly during travel, etc.

Energy gel

If you are going on a long walk, you don’t want to be overwhelmed by “hunger pangs”. A few sports gels in your backpack will prevent this problem. It gives you energy again until the next food place.