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Below, we list a few products that can reduce the risk of theft. This is just a selection; for more useful products, check out the websites below, among others:

  • Pac Safe (good supplier of excellent value-for-money products)
  • Eaglecreek (also a provider of travel accessories that increase safety).
  • Decathlon (French sports shop with various branches in the UK and a good range of practical travel accessories for a good price).

RFID wallet

To prevent digital pickpocketing, you can take a wallet that has RFID-blocking. Your cards are then well protected and the chip cannot be remotely read by criminals. These are available in various sizes.

TSA lock

To lock your luggage properly, a small TSA lock is in fact a must. Thieves are in a hurry and if they can’t open your luggage quickly, they will take another one that isn’t locked. A TSA lock is easily opened by customs with a special key if they need to search your luggage.

Flight cover bag

This item not only protects your backpack or travel bag from damage and dirt during flights or bus rides, but in combination with a TSA lock you make your bag very unappealing for thieves to try to open.

Safety bags

To store your money safely, there are many possibilities that come in all shapes and sizes. Think for example of pouches worn round the neck, special belts with storage options, money belts and even travel bras with pockets! During our travels, we have always used a purse with a reinforced cord.

Backpack with eXomesh protection

Such a backpack has a lightweight metal net on the inside, so it cannot be opened with a knife. Moreover, with well-secured locks, RFID protection and special straps that cannot be cut through, you are not an easy prey for thieves. You can also attach the backpack to a fixed object (table leg, etc.) if you are enjoying a cocktail out on the terrace.

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