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Silver-travellers.com is a multi-media travel platform that focuses on a specific and growing target group: the active over-50s. In Western Europe, we believe there is no comparable initiative for this group. silver-travellers.com is not only an online blog though. We can be found on all social media networks and we constantly pay attention to travel inspiration for our target group. A digital newsletter will also be sent out on a regular basis. In the coming period, we will be working on a unique app for travellers. The founders have a lot in common: a passion for travel combined with years of marketing and business experience. This makes us a good discussion partner for every organisation.

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We are open to any form of commercial cooperation in order to bring your organisation, products and/or services effectively to the attention of your target group. Other partnerships (e.g. study trips we can blog about) are also possible. If you submit the contact form with a short explanation, we will respond as soon as possible. If desired, you can also receive a media information folder.