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Our experience, your journey!

In our blog, we try to make you enthusiastic about organising your own dream trip. Whether it’s a holiday of a few weeks or planning a longer trip, we hope to inspire you with our stories and our own experiences. As we have made many trips to special destinations, and still do so, we would like to help you with your preparation by providing thorough travel advice tailored to your needs.

100% satisfaction guarantee!

You can be assured that we will give you good travel advice, based on our knowledge and travel experiences. We spend a lot of time on each advice and come up with much more information than what is already on this blog. What you have left over for this travel advice, you decide for yourself!

You set the price!

As you can imagine, providing travel advice takes a lot of time and therefore money. The minimal cost is €25. However, if you are (very) satisfied with our travel advice, we would appreciate it if you would express this in the final amount you pay.

Travel Advice Working Method and Content

We need some input from you to provide personal travel advice. You can read more on the working method and content travel advice page.

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