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Southern Africa

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Southern Africa in a nutshell

Beautiful rainforests, steppes, large nature parks and the chance to see the “big five”: the elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard. In Southern Africa, you will be overwhelmed by its impressive nature. On the islands, you will see unique flora and fauna and there are fantastic opportunities for divers and snorkellers. You can meet local tribes on a safari and of course stand face to face with a giraffe, zebra or other beautiful animals.

The region includes (in alphabetical order) the following countries: Angola, Botswana, Comoros, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia and South Africa. You will find detailed information for the countries we have visited on other pages.

Countries within Southern Africa


This is one of the poorest countries in Africa. The coast invites you for a relaxing holiday. In the interior, a beautiful natural landscape awaits, where you have the chance to see a lot of wildlife.


In Chobe National Park, you have the chance to see many species in the wild. Botswana also has an extensive bird population. More than 500 different species can be found here. Diamonds are an important export product of Botswana.


This group of islands with three large and a number of smaller islands, lies northwest of Madagascar. As a diving destination, this is an excellent choice with beautiful coral reefs where many tropical fish, dolphins, sharks and rays occur. The islands have many volcanoes and tropical rainforests.


This state is situated at an altitude of at least 1,000 metres and has a mountainous landscape. For hikers, this vast area is ideal to discover. Along the way, you can also discover many bird species. The Sehlabathebe National Park is worth a visit. You can also come across many waterfalls.


One of the four largest islands in the world. A beautiful nature with very diverse wildlife makes Madagascar truly interesting for a visit. Because of its isolated location there are many unique animals, of which the lemurs and makis are best known. But also, the beautiful sandy beaches and diving opportunities are a great attraction.


In the east of the country, lies the immense Lake Malawi with beautiful beaches. More than 1,000 different species of fish live under the water. This makes the lake a paradise for divers and snorkellers. The Liwonde National Park offers the opportunity to encounter a lot of wildlife.

Mauritius and the French Réunion

These two islands, located east of Madagascar, are paradise. That’s why so many newlyweds go here on honeymoon. Divers can dive to their heart’s content here, with beautiful coral reefs, caves and shipwrecks. There are several National Parks, but only smaller game can be found here. The Dodo used to live on Mauritius.


With a coastline of more than 2,500 kilometres, Mozambique has beautiful sandy beaches. There are also many mangrove forests. For the water sports of diving and snorkelling it is a good place to be. You can also dive and relax on the tropical islands off the coast. In the interior, there are many National Parks where lots of game lives. On the border with Zambia, you can also visit the impressive Victoria Falls, the widest waterfall in Africa.


With its many National Parks, Namibia offers ample opportunity to see plenty of wildlife. But you can also find the beautiful Fish River Canyon. Furthermore, the country mainly consists of desert. The Namib Desert is the oldest in the world. There is a long coastal strip with sandy beaches. Here you see many seals and dolphins.


This is the smallest kingdom of Africa. And that king has a special privilege: every year he may choose a new virgin from the thousands of women who dance with bare bodies in front of him during the fertility dance. The travellers choose Swaziland for its beautiful natural parks, rock formations, marshes and waterfalls.


Zambia is a country with vast forests and swamps. There are several national parks and game reserves. Here you have the chance to see giraffes, zebras, elephants and hippos. And the widest waterfall in Africa can be found on the border with Zimbabwe: the Victoria Falls.


Zimbabwe has untouched rainforests and game parks. In these game parks you have the chance to spot lions and moose and many more animals. There is hilly landscape with beautiful views. Here you can also visit the Victoria Falls, just like the Zambezi River.

South Africa

Probably the most famous country in the region. The Kruger National Park offers you the chance to see the big five during a safari. Besides the impressive wilderness there are also beautiful sandy beaches. Along the coast you have the chance to see whales and penguins. And in the evening, you can enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace of your lodge.



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South Africa

South Africa

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In the southern part of Africa, you will find regions with both subtropical and tropical climates. Most countries also have a rainy season. In our winter months (summer in Africa), there is a lot of rain. In our summer, the winter period in Africa, it is dry and cooler. During the day it can be nice and warm, but the evenings and nights are cold. Certain countries, such as South Africa and Zambia, have large differences in altitude, so in certain regions a mountain climate prevails and it is a lot colder.

Travelling within the region

When you want to travel in Southern Africa, the only option is to take a plane. Because of the often bad, unpaved roads, a car or bus ride is too long and uncomfortable. This does not alter the fact that car holidays or jeep safaris are very popular, but only if you limit yourself to one or a maximum of two countries is the motto. All countries in this region have one or more airlines that can provide domestic and international flights. In southern Africa, there are also many charter airlines that operate safari flights. Flying is becoming more and more common in Africa. Tickets can often be booked online. Please note that not all airlines can comply with the safety rules that apply in Europe.


Vaccinations are recommended for all countries in Southern Africa. Vaccinations are also compulsory in some countries. Because of the risk of mosquito bites, malaria is a risk in some areas and times of the year. Medicine is needed for this. Get timely information from a specialist institution on this area and take your vaccination booklet with you on your trip.

Medical facilities in the region are limited, in fact you only get them in larger cities. The quality is also not comparable to the healthcare we are used to in Western Europe.

Personal travel advice

This region is ideal for both a “short” holiday of two or three weeks, and a longer trip. Depending on your interests, available time and period of the year, you can go on a fantastic tour throughout Southern Africa.

We will be happy to give you some personal travel advice, considering your personal preferences. See the dedicated page where you can request personal travel advice.