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If you are going to make a longer trip, you want to have a feeling beforehand about the cost of it all. Especially if you are considering taking a sabbatical to go on a long trip, you need to have an estimate of the necessary budget before you leave. And of course, there is a price tag attached to making a long trip. However, that strongly depends on the countries you want to visit. Expensive countries are for example America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and almost all (remote) islands. Here the price level is just as high, if not higher than in the Netherlands. But if you go to Asia (and to a lesser extent Latin America), you will find that you have to spend very little in a month and still can do very special things. Staying at home is more expensive than travelling!

We have to realise (during the trip you will find this out many times!) that we have a very good life in our little country. Many people in their fifties have built up a good financial position. And sometimes there is also inheritance money that can ensure you make your dream come true. Why would you put that money in the bank in this day and age, with a savings interest that is so negligible? Go on a journey and your emotional bank balance will grow every day!

More information about the possibilities of a sabbatical and how to fulfill your dream – that long journey to beautiful countries – can be found here. You can find more information on this blog about the costs in the country in question.