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It can happen to you anywhere: a pickpocket takes your wallet or you get your mobile stolen. Very annoying and frustrating, all the more so when it happens far from home. With the tips that you can view via the icons below, we try to inform you about some possible general risks. Under Destinations you will find more specific information about safety on the page of your country of choice.

And what to do if something still happens?

The tips we give will certainly help but 100% guarantee that nothing happens during a long trip, is not possible. Despite all your precautions, just like in your own country or even in the ‘safest’ country in a certain region, you can never completely prevent yourself from becoming the victim of robbery or theft. When robbed on the street, you just have to hand over everything you have visibly with you (we always had an ordinary wallet somewhere with us with an old, expired bank card and some local money in the hope that the hidden nectar was not discovered). Don’t play the hero by refusing or fighting. Your life is worth many times more than money or a camera!

Afterwards, you go straight to a police station to report it. Always do this, this is very important for your insurance. Block any bank cards as soon as possible (the phone number must always be somewhere with you) and call your embassy or consulate if your identity papers have been stolen.

All the stories may deter you from travelling at all. Don’t let it! With the right precautions and common sense, you can more or less go on a carefree journey. Fortunately, nothing has ever happened to us on our travels. So, don’t let yourself be held back and go on a nice journey!