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Travel inspiration during the corona crisis

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Gaining travel inspiration at home during the corona crisis

The corona crisis has a major impact on our lives. Travelling to other countries is temporarily prohibited. But to be honest, at the moment we aren’t travelling at all, even nationally. There are much more important things going on now: everyone’s health is now priority number 1.

This means that in the coming period we will post some other messages than what you are used to seeing from us. No new destinations but messages that give you some pleasant distractions and some variety. We will do this through our social media sites, including Facebook and Pinterest, as well as through this website. For example, we have written blogs about the 20 most beautiful travel books, the 25 best travel movies, the most beautiful museums worldwide to visit virtually and the very best nature documentaries.

Additionally, this might also be the perfect time to do something with all your holiday photos. That’s why we have written a blog including lots of tips on how to organise, edit and store your photos, and how to create an album of your most beautiful trips.