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Playing golf in Mauritius

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Mauritius is not only known as a luxury beach destination with great weather and a unique culture and nature. Golfers, like us, have been getting to know the 13 beautiful courses better and better over the last decade.

Mauritius has a long history of golf. For example, the Mauritius Gymkhana Golf Course, which was already in use in the middle of the 19th century, is the first golf course in the southern hemisphere! Since then, well-maintained 9-hole and 18-hole golf courses have been added, which were not built by just any old designer. Think of Ernie Els, Bernard Langer and David Leadbetter.

What we love about the courses is that you have beautiful views of the mountains, the forests and the tropical lagoon almost everywhere. And yes, besides a lot of sunshine, it sometimes rains a lot on Mauritius. The advantage is that the courses look nice and green without exhausting the ecology of the island!

The most beautiful courses to play golf in Mauritius

Because we have not played on every golf course on the island, nor have we been to all courses, we unfortunately can’t indicate a top 3 or top 10 of the most beautiful golf courses from our own experience. But since we know the island pretty well (we have even lived there for six months), we describe below a number of courses that get good reviews, where the area in our experience is fantastic and/or where we ourselves have had a great time playing.

Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club

We also pay attention to the lovely island of Ile aux Cerfs elsewhere on our website. The first time we were there, there was no golf course. There was the last time we were there but unfortunately we weren’t able to play.

What makes the 18-hole course of the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club designed by Bernhard Langer so beautiful is the idyllic view of the turquoise lagoon at every hole. There are also nine holes with water features and three holes where you even have to tee off over the sea to reach the fairway!

Photo by Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club

Paradis Golf Club

Perhaps the most beautiful golf course on Mauritius – in our opinion – is the Paradis Golf Club on the peninsula of Le More Brabant. The mountain of the same name on this peninsula, which is over 500 metres high, takes its name from the Dutch East India Company ship Brabant, which ran aground here at the end of 1783.

Like the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, this 18-hole course is located directly on the sea, but thanks in part to the mountain, the view here is even more beautiful. Along the perfectly green fairways grow bougainvillea, butterfly flowers and coconut palms.

Heritage Golf Club

The Heritage Golf Club is one of the most spectacular golf courses in Mauritius. The golf course has received many international awards. The 18-hole course is located in the south of the island and offers a beautiful view of both the lagoon and the mountains of the Black River Gorges National Park.

What makes the golf course so beautiful is the naturally hilly landscape with many water hazards, streams and lush, tropical flowers and plants. There is also a wide variety of protected bird species and even a family of deer! The Heritage Golf Club is suitable for golfers of all levels.

Tamarina Golf Club

The Tamarina Golf Club is a beautifully situated, more than ten-year-old golf course on the west coast of Mauritius. Designed by Rodney Wright, the certainly challenging 18-hole course is unique thanks to its surroundings and offers a beautiful view of the Rampart mountain and the bay of Tamarin. With a bit of imagination, you can imagine yourself somewhere on the African savannah. But instead of elephants and lions, you’ll find monkeys.

Legend Golf Course

The ‘Legend‘ is a beautiful, somewhat older 18-hole top class golf course in the northeast of Mauritius. The 6,000-metre-long course is located in an old hunting reserve where you can still find deer. The combination of forests, rocks and the many water hazards makes this course quite challenging. The PGA Senior Tour takes place here every year. Please note: you may only play here if you are a guest at the Belle Mare Plage, but this is certainly not a punishment!

Best time to play golf in Mauritius

In fact, Mauritius is a great place to play golf all year round. From November to April it is summer. The temperatures are then higher and it can sometimes rain heavily. The last time we were there in November and had a rain shower on some holes. Yet it was good to play. In winter it is less sticky and slightly sunnier.