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Dream destinations in early spring

Dream destinations in early spring

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Are you eagerly awaiting the end of winter at last? Spring is happily beckoning. Longer days, nice weather to go out in. But this is also the time to visit unique destinations across the border. We’ll give you 10 tips for dream destinations in early spring. Precisely at this time, these areas are at their most beautiful. We are sure of it: all these destinations will give you an unforgettable experience!

City breaks

In Italy and Spain, it is already pleasant now. Besides, there are not so many tourists yet. Ideal for visiting a city. For us, the following cities are dream destinations in early spring:



Actually, one runs out of superlatives to describe Rome. What a great city with all its cosy squares, the most beautiful churches, the large number of museums and the fantastic atmosphere. A visit of a few days is certainly not enough to see all the highlights in Rome. Of course don’t skip a visit to St Peter’s Square with its impressive basilica and the Vatican museums. But above all, stroll through the relaxed Trastevere district.


The charming old town of Valencia is well worth a visit! The birthplace of paella is famous for architect Santiago Calatrava’s huge, neo-futurist project. The modern buildings are a wonderful contrast to the old El Carmen district, with its narrow streets and impressive city gates. The fantastic festival Las Fallas is Europe’s biggest street party. The festivities start early March and last for two weeks!



For extraordinary encounters in nature, these are the dream destinations in early spring:

Galapagos Islands

If you are still in doubt whether to visit the Galapagos Islands during your trip to Ecuador, we can only give you one piece of advice: this unique nature reserve is not to be missed! Nowhere in the world will you get so close to truly very special animals. Lava lizards run to and fro, green iguanas bask on the solidified lava, turtles swim with you and the most unique species of birds circle above you.



Malaysia has fantastic rainforests For instance, Taman Negara is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. In the country’s largest national park, you will have the ultimate jungle experience. But you will also enjoy the impressive nature under water. The Perhentians are one of the most beautiful islands in the country. Here you will find one of the most extraordinary snorkelling and diving areas in the world.



Madagascar is a fantastic country to visit for a holiday. Nature lovers get their money’s worth in the amazingly beautiful national parks. These give you the chance to enjoy the enormous biodiversity of the island of Madagascar. In the rainforests, you will come face to face with the colourful chameleons. The sound of the indri and other lemur species can be heard incessantly. These prosimians are found only on Madagascar. The extraordinary baobab tree and Isalo National Park are other unique natural phenomena.


Sniffing culture

These dream spring destinations deliver special encounters with unique cultural phenomena:

Maya route through Yucatan

The Yucatan peninsula is one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico. Yucatan has beautiful sandy beaches, tropical jungle with the most beautiful birds and butterflies, and underground rivers and pools. But along with Guatemala, it was also the former centre of the once mighty Mayan civilisation. Its many centuries-old Mayan structures are a reminder of those times. The most famous archaeological sites are on the Maya route.

Maya Route


Vietnam is the land of ancient traditions, extraordinary temples and pagodas, mountain tribes in the north and palaces in the former royal capital Hue. The ancient city in Hanoi, lantern city Hoi An and the culture around Sapa are absolute highlights. But the country also has a bloody history. In many places, special monuments recall the war between North and South Vietnam.

Hoi An

Hiking in early spring

Enjoy being busy in nature. This period lends itself optimally to this, as it is not yet too hot and crowded. These are the dream destinations in early spring if you want to hike:

Walking tour of the Cinque Terre

The Riviera di Levante is the part of the Ligurian coast between Genoa and La Spezia in Italy. It offers picturesque towns and idyllic villages such as Portofino, Sestri Levante, Portovenere and San Remo. Between the coastal towns of Portovenere and Levanto is the famous Cinque Terre National Park. This is a protected nature reserve with brightly coloured fishing villages at the foot of steep sea cliffs. The walking tour of the Cinque Terre passes by these picturesque villages. Not for nothing is this area a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cinque Terre

The French Way to Santiago de Compostela

This is the most famous pilgrimage route to pilgrimage site Santiago de Compostela. After the border with France, the route begins. For more than 1,000 years, pilgrims from all over the world have walked this route. Like us, they no doubt enjoyed the many sights along the Camino Francés. Because this walking route takes you past plenty of fantastic cultural highlights in northern Spain. Take plenty of time for these sights so that your feet have a break.


Amazing hikes in Hawaii

The islands of the state of Hawaii do capture most people’s imagination. As soon as you hear the name of the archipelago, you probably immediately think of beautiful, white sandy beaches with coconut palms, surfers riding the highest waves, rugged, forested ridges, and tropical inland forests with waterfalls. But there are also many opportunities for fantastic hiking in Hawaii.


Are these all dream destinations in early spring?

No way, but these 10 dream destinations in early spring are among our personal favourites. If your choice is not among them, check out all our destinations on the website. Everywhere we mention the best time to travel. So you can easily find a great destination to visit yourself. How about cosy Lisbon, for example, or the enchanting landscape of Patagonia?