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Exquisite holiday destinations in autumn

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The days get shorter, the temperature drops and the number of rainy days increases. For a wonderful holiday in the autumn, it’s better to focus on other parts of the world. We will be happy to tell you what dream destinations you shouldn’t miss out on in the autumn. Do you want to be active, have a complete rest, enjoy culture or nature? Our tips will help you find your dream destination!

Active holiday destinations

Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are at their most beautiful in October. Especially in the morning, when the rolling landscape becomes more and more visible due to the rising fog. The rutted male deer bellow and hit into each other with powerful antlers, fighting for the most beautiful female. The landscape is impressive, with many lakes, valleys and impressive castles. Ideal for beautiful walks through a, at this time of the year, quiet area. Should it rain, you can always enjoy a glass of whisky and a delicious game dish.

Hiking holiday in Hawaii

The name of the Hawaiian archipelago means beautiful, white sandy beaches with coconut palms, and surfers who ride the highest waves. But Hawaii is also a true hiking paradise. Our favourite island is Kauai, also known as the garden island. You can go on fantastic walks here. Along the way, you will enjoy some rugged landscape with steep cliffs, rainforests, rivers, large waterfalls and green valleys. There is a reason why this landscape has figured in many films, such as King Kong and Jurassic Park. Interested? You will find the most beautiful walks on Kauai here.

Cultural holidays in autumn

City trip to the silk city of Lyon

Lyon was already an important city in Roman times. Thanks to the many preserved sites in history, various parts of the city have been recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Vieux Lyon, Presqu’ile and Croix-Rousse are districts that you must see when visiting Lyon. The city is also a true culinary paradise. Lyon has the most restaurants – per square kilometre – in the world. You can choose from no fewer than 4000 restaurants. Now that’s something we enjoy! Of course, a good glass of wine from the Rhone valley is not to be forgotten with your meal.

Cultural season in Budapest

In autumn, the Hungarian capital Budapest is at its best. The cultural season starts with a lot of opera, ballet, music and film. The name of the city comes from the two parts of the city that lie on the banks of the Danube. On the right bank you will find Buda, on the left you have Pest. Budapest is an atmospheric city with numerous sights that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a collection. The city has beautiful baroque buildings, such as the State Opera. A visit to one of the many bathhouses, where the inhabitants play chess in the bath, is a must.

Nature holidays in autumn


Bolivia is less well known than other countries in South America and that is unjustified. In terms of natural beauty, the country is unsurpassed. One of the absolute highlights is a four-day jeep trip from Tupiza to the immense salt plains of Uyuni. Beautiful nature, colourful rock formations, red lakes full of flamingos, it is a wonderful trip. In the quiet town of Samaipata, you can go on beautiful walks to spot condors. The great Lake Titicaca on the border with Peru, is also very special to see. This time of year is ideal as the roads are good everywhere.


Halong Bay in Vietnam is a beautiful bay in the Gulf of Tonkin, with ripple-free, blue-green water. From the sea, hundreds of islands loom up with karst mountains. Some are large, some are very small. You can see that there are many caves in the larger islands. In the distance, a few traditional Chinese boys are sailing, with their brown-red sails. This area has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. You can best discover Halong Bay on a cruise of a few days. In October you have a great chance of clear weather with phenomenal views. Meanwhile, you can enjoy all the delicious Vietnamese dishes.