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Best in Travel 2024 | All bucket list destinations

Best in Travel 2024 | All bucket list destinations

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The cream of the crop. Unknown destinations for many travellers. Or tourist attractions worth (re)visiting. Every year, renowned travel guide publisher Lonely Planet compiles the top 10. Together, they form the “Best in Travel 2024”. A reference book and source of inspiration for enthusiasts who want to visit beautiful countries, regions and cities. And who want a unique travel experience that will stay with them forever. These are all destinations that everyone ought to have on their bucket list.

Best in Travel 2024 – Themes

Lonely Planet always looks at three categories for its overviews: countries, regions and cities. From each category, the publisher makes a top 10. The travel book will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary. Therefore, the Best in Travel 2024 overview has been expanded to include two more categories: sustainable travel destinations and locations with the best value for money. And so, the complete overview for 2024 consists of no fewer than 50 travel destinations.

Below is the complete list of Best in Travel 2024. Some destinations we have already visited and described ourselves. You can click straight through to the blog on that destination. Many destinations we don’t actually know as yet, or we visited them a long time ago. So, they are definitely on our bucket list for the coming year.

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Best in Travel 2024 – Countries

The number one country is Mongolia. According to Lonely Planet, its vastness, adventurous activities and distinctive culinary and musical culture ensure this top spot. It is one of the least populated countries in the world. The Mongolian government hopes that tourists know how to find their way to Mongolia. Thus, the government declared the years 2023 to 2025 as “Years to Visit Mongolia”. Entry conditions for international travellers will be relaxed and infrastructure improved. There will also be a new international airport in Mongolia.


Here are the full top 10 Best in Travel 2024 – Countries:

  1. Mongolia
  2. India
  3. Morocco
  4. Chile
  5. Benin
  6. Mexico
  7. Uzbekistan
  8. Pakistan
  9. Croatia
  10. St Lucia
Saint Lucia

Best in Travel 2024 – Regions

The Trans Dinarica Cycle Route in the Western Balkans is Lonely Planet’s top choice of regional destinations. From 2024, you can take this 3,364-kilometre cycling route. It runs through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. It passes impressive mountain ranges and the Adriatic Sea.

The Spanish Basque Country is also a Lonely Planet favourite region in 2024. The cities of San Sebastian and Bilbao are not to be missed on any bucket list. Great Basque gastronomy and beautiful hiking trails along the rugged coast are other assets of this region.

Western Balkans

The full top 10 Best in Travel 2024 – regions include:

  1. Trans Dinarica Cycling Route in the Western Balkans
  2. Kangaroo Island in South Australia
  3. Tuscany in Italy
  4. Donegal in Ireland
  5. Spanish Basque Country in Spain
  6. Southern Thailand
  7. Swahili Coast in Tanzania
  8. Montana in the United States
  9. Saalfelden-Leogang in Austria
  10. The far north of Scotland
Spanish Basque Country

Best in Travel 2024 – Cities

The top city on Lonely Planet’s list is Kenya’s capital Nairobi. For the publisher, its “unique rhythms, impressive range of locally inspired restaurants and constant rotation of art and culture” are the reasons for this place of honour. Moreover, the nearby Nairobi National Park is unique. You can see over 400 animal species roaming the open grassy plains, while the capital’s skyscrapers twinkle on the skyline.


This is the complete list Best in Travel 2024 – cities:

  1. Nairobi in Kenya
  2. Paris in France
  3. Montreal in Canada
  4. Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Philadelphia in United States
  6. Manaus in Brazil
  7. Jakarta in Indonesia
  8. Prague in the Czech Republic
  9. Izmir in Turkey
  10. Kansas City in the United States

Best in Travel 2024 – Sustainable Travel Destinations

The top sustainable travel destination for 2024 is Spain, due to the country’s efforts to expand renewable energy, encourage off-season travel and bring tourism to emerging destinations. This will relieve pressure on popular cities like Barcelona.

South Africa‘s “wild beauty” also gets a mention. Lonely Planet advises travellers to visit the “impressive number of eco-lodges” that are committed to protecting the earth’s biodiversity. A perfect place to visit the country’s various nature parks.


These are the 10 Most Sustainable Travel Destinations according to Lonely Planet:

  1. Spain
  2. Patagonia in Argentina and Chile
  3. Greenland
  4. The many hiking trails in Wales
  5. Caminho Português through Portugal and Spain to Santiago de Compostela
  6. Palau
  7. Hokkaido in Japan
  8. Ecuador
  9. Baltic HikingTrails in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  10. Eco-lodges at nature parks in South Africa
South Africa

Best in Travel 2024 – Best Value Destinations

The best value-for-money category is of interest to many travellers at a time when everything is getting more expensive. The underrated US Midwest is the top tip here: in cities like Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit “you will find old warehouses transformed into art studios, new eco-design hotels and many Michelin-starred restaurants at acceptable prices,” according to Lonely Planet.

The publisher also recommends night trains, which have been booming in Europe for several years. “It is a comfortable way to travel, with much less environmental impact than flying,” comments Lonely Planet. European Sleeper in particular is mentioned. The train linking Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden and Prague in 2024 is a great example of great night train travel.


According to Lonely Planet, these are the 10 Best Value Destinations:

  1. Midwest in the United States
  2. Poland
  3. Nicaragua
  4. Danube Limes in Bulgaria
  5. Normandy in France
  6. Egypt
  7. Ikaria in Greece
  8. Algeria
  9. Southern Lakes and Central Otago in New Zealand
  10. The various night trains in Europe

What’s on your bucket list for 2024?

Perhaps there are one or more destinations on this list that you’d like to visit in 2024. You’ll find more information on all the countries, regions and cities listed in Lonely Planet’s handy booklet Best in Travel 2024. Besides practical tips on the highlights, the book offers a lot of background information. Fun to dream of and an ideal Christmas gift for travel lovers!