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Ski Arlberg: a royal ski resort

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Ski Arlberg in the Vorarlberg is not only a royal ski resort because the King of the Netherlands and his family have been guests there for years. It also deserves the designation “Royal” thanks to its vastness, size, fantastic skiing, off-piste possibilities and cosy villages. We have been here for two consecutive years and still haven’t seen all the things there are to do and see in this immense ski area.

Ski area of Ski Arlberg

With almost 310 kilometres of slopes, Ski Arlberg is one of the larger ski resorts in the Alps. In Austria it is by far the largest interconnected ski area you can find. The area is very snow sure, due to its location in a so-called “Schneeloch”. The villages themselves are almost all at 1,300 metres or higher. A descent is therefore always possible everywhere.
In particular, advanced skiers will get their money’s worth in this challenging area. There are many red slopes. Additionally, there are plenty of black slopes and the off-ski options in this area are so numerous that lovers of off-piste skiing can really have a blast.

Western part of the ski area

The western part of the ski area includes the towns of Lech, Oberlech, Zürs and the small village of Zug. Of these, Lech is of course best known to us, because of the annual visit of the royal family during the winter sports. Lech is very popular with more fashionable families and famous world stars. Despite the large number of very luxurious hotels, Lech has certainly retained its traditional Austrian charm.
But of course, Lech’s main attraction is its wonderful ski area. This part has many beautiful blue slopes that you can enjoy zooming down. Especially slopes 180 and 185 from the Rüfikopf are worthwhile. The views that you have on those descents are spectacular. We have never been on the moon but many of us think that the area here looks like a lunar landscape.

Eastern part of the ski area

In this section you will find the towns of St. Anton, St. Jacob, Stuben and St. Christoph. St. Anton is world famous and legendary in particular. Skiing and winter sports tourism was once upon a time invented here. Nowadays St. Anton is a modern and fashionable place where fervent skiers like to be.
The ski area from St. Anton and the surrounding villages is more challenging than in the western part. There are a number of difficult slopes. The black run, no. 30, which starts on top of the Kapall, is certainly not for everyone. By taking the black and equally challenging runs 30 or 34, you can ski all the way to the valley.
Another challenge in this part of the ski area is that several valley descents turn into difficult mogul slopes in the afternoon. And if you go après-ski in the famous Krazy Kanguruh halfway, the last part can be quite complicated.

Ski trips in Ski Arlberg

The size of the area makes it ideal for long trips. The best known is the “Run of Fame”. Officially it has a start and finish in the town of Warth in the north of the area. But there are several places where you can start this trip. The route is marked with clear information signs.
During the “Run of Fame” you will cover a total of 85 kilometres without having to take the same slope twice. You cover no fewer than 18,000 metres on your skis. To do this trip as an average skier, you should certainly count on intensive skiing all day long. Thanks to a few difficult connecting lifts with not much room, you can have long waiting times at some points. Starting early with the “Run of Fame” is therefore recommended.

Accommodation in Arlberg

As we have already said: this is a ski area where the royals and the jet set like to stay. This means that the price level in the ski area is on the high side. Not only for the accommodation, but also for food and drink. If you’re looking for a fantastic ski area, then you can look for general luxury accommodation in Ski Arlberg.