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Culinary trips around the world

Culinary trips around the world

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One of the best things about holidays is enjoying the local cuisine. Unknown dishes with the most delicious ingredients make our mouths water. We love to sniff out the scent of special herbs and spices. We have listed our favourite countries for a culinary trip.

France: culinary premier league

French cuisine is world-famous. And the fantastic wine regions ensure that a good glass of wine completes the meal. Did you know that Lyon is the culinary capital of France? Lyon has the most restaurants per square kilometre in the world. You can choose from no fewer than 4,000 dining options.

If you want to combine culinary and culture in France, a chateaux and wine route in the Loire Valley is highly recommended. You will admire the most impressive castles during your trip and with the perfect wines of the Loire Valley, every glass is a delight.

Italy: la dolce vita in optima forma

The Italians are very good at enjoying themselves. Dishes are often simple, but the pure flavours of the fresh ingredients will delight your taste buds. Every region has its own specialities and the most extraordinary wines.

We ourselves recommend the relatively unknown region of Le Marche in Italy. The old city Ascoli Piceno is great to visit. The central square is known as one of the most beautiful of the country and you can enjoy a local speciality here: deep-fried olives.

Portugal: unknown but not unloved

Culinary fans will find nothing lacking in Portugal. You can write volumes about Portuguese cuisine per region. On the menu, you will find especially the most delicious fish dishes, such as bacalhau: salted cod. This dish is prepared differently per region. Also meat dishes of goat, lamb or pork are on the menu. Usually deliciously flavoured with spices that the Portuguese have been using for centuries.

In Portugal, wine is the absolute favourite with the meal. Not surprisingly, because they produce very good red, white and even green wines. In addition, Portugal is known worldwide for its port wines.

Restaurant in the Alentejo

Mexico: so much more than tacos and guacamole

Thanks to the Mexican restaurants in our country, most people here are already familiar with Mexican cuisine. But what exactly is Mexican cuisine? With a country as big as Mexico, there are big differences in regional dishes.

If you want to get to know Mexican cuisine, go out and try it. Don’t just eat in the resort where you are staying, but take a tour of the region or country. Ask in every city for the “platillo tipico”: the local speciality. You will get to know surprisingly more delicious choices than just enchiladas, tacos, tortillas, tostadas and guacamole.

Street food

South Africa: not only meat on the ‘skottelbraai’

South Africa is a popular destination not only for its nature, wildlife parks and the “big five”. The country can also compete with the best in the world in terms of culinary delights. Especially in the Western Cape Province, you will find the most extraordinary restaurants with surprising dishes on the menu.

In the Stellenbosch region, you’ll discover the most extraordinary wines of the country. A wine tour along the most beautiful wineries in the area will of course take you to the well-known town of Stellenbosch. But lesser-known regions such as Franschhoek and Paarl are also important wine regions in the region.

Thailand: culinary paradise

Walk down any street in Thailand and the delicious smell of fresh herbs and stir-fried meat will hit you. Everywhere you go, you find market stalls and small eateries where locals sit on small stools to enjoy a noodle soup or a bowl of rice with herbs. The food in Thailand is certainly spicy. People love chilli peppers and use them in abundance.

Thai cuisine is very diverse. Every region has its own specialities and dishes. A culinary tour through Thailand lets you taste all the flavours of the country. At the same time, you can enjoy the most beautiful temples and the friendly people.