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The tropical rainforest at Iquitos

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How to get to Muyuna Lodge at Iquitos

Muyuna Lodge is located over 140 kilometres from Iquitos via the Amazon in the rainforest, on the Rio Yanayacu. This lodge is far from the inhabited world in a less cultivated part of the rainforest. This means that you can get a very special experience and admire stunning nature. In the immediate vicinity of the lodge are about 10 beautiful lakes. Click here for more information about Muyuna Lodge.

Iquitos is the world’s largest city that can only be reached by water or air. There is no road to the city. Iquitos has the largest inland port in Peru. And there is a small airport. We flew from Lima with LAN Peru to Iquitos. If you are in the city anyway, try to visit the market in the Belén district. You’ll eb amazed at what is sold here. The best time to be there is between 7 and 9 am, when activity is at its peak. Caution: the Belén district is very poor; watch out for pickpockets or thieves. Keep a close eye on your camera.

From Iquitos, you can sail over the Amazon in about 2 to 2.5 hours in a fast boat. After this you enter a narrow river. That’s why everyone switches to small boats with less depth. We were there in the dry season. The water is low and the engine really had to do its best to move forward. The fish really jumped behind the boat through the air and often ended up in the boat.

The programme during your stay in Iquitos

Your stay in Muyuna Lodge includes a number of excursions on foot or by boat. You can choose various programmes ranging from 3 days and 2 nights, to 6 days and 5 nights. We chose the “majestic river” option, which meant that we stayed for 4 nights in the lodge. Every day, there is a schedule. Of course, you will make many jungle trips to spot the many animals and birds. However, you also sail a lot in small boats to a number of lakes. You can swim in one of the lakes.

You also go looking for the pink and grey dolphin and you fishing for piranhas. You have a permanent guide during your stay, who really knows a lot about the animal world and plants. You will learn a lot about the medical power of plants that have been used as medicine by the indigenous population for centuries. You will also visit a traditional village, where you can get to know the local customs, visit a school and buy some souvenirs.

The jungle is really impressive. The trees are immense and the jungle very dense. The guide has to regularly make his way with a machete. And of course, you see a lot of animals and can hear even more. A trip in pitch darkness shows you a lot of insects, including tarantulas. “There are more eyes watching you now than leaves in the forest”, said the guide. There are so many different bird species that it is a delight for bird lovers to spend a few days here. If you want more information about the programme we did, click on this link.

The Muyuna lodge in Iquitos

The lodge consists of a main building and 15 bungalows. All buildings are on stilts because the water rises considerably in the rainy season. The houses are made of wood with thatched roofs. The rooms are spacious and have good beds. The bathroom is lovely and has a nice rain shower. In the main building, you get a delicious meal three times a day, with local dishes mostly. Even piranhas are on the menu. All meals are included in the price. The drinks you want to order you pay for yourself.

The staff is extremely helpful and the guides very knowledgeable. The lodge tries to operate in an environmentally-conscious way. There is a lot of recycling and they try to avoid waste as much as possible.

Practical matters when staying at Muyuna Lodge

  • It is important to bring cool, well-ventilated clothing to the lodge. Preferably no cotton.
  • Wear body-covering clothing that is thick enough to prevent insect bites. Be economical with insect repellents because they also damage nature.
  • Take a plastic bag with you in which you can store your dirty items of clothing.
  • A good tropical hat is very handy to take with you.
  • During the jungle trips, you always wear rubber boots. You can rent them for next to nothing at the office of the lodge in Iquitos. The same goes for a rain poncho. It can sometimes rain very heavily and then a poncho is really important.
  • Do bring sandals or slippers to wear in the lodge.Bring small binoculars to see the game.
  • For the nightly excursions, a flashlight, or even better, a headlamp is necessary.
  • Take as little luggage as possible to the lodge. There is not much space on the boat. You can leave your other luggage free of charge in the office of the lodge in Iquitos.
  • A waterproof bag to store your camera or phone is handy.
  • There is no range. However, you can charge your phone.