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Te Papa Museum in Wellington

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Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand’s national museum, is located in the relaxed city of Wellington in the southwest of the North Island. Despite the fantastic weather that we had on the day of our visit to the museum, we could easily have stayed in the museum for four hours. In fact, we think that a visit to the museum is an absolute must when visiting New Zealand.

The many exhibitions highlight the rich history and culture and the beautiful nature of the country. Both the interior and the exterior contain a lot of symbolism. For example, the three stones at the entrance to Mother Earth, the original Maori population and all current inhabitants of New Zealand.

Why is the Te Papa museum so worthwhile?

The strength of the museum lies in the decoration of the exhibitions. By combining modern, innovative and interactive technology with the old-fashioned way of telling stories, the museum is extremely informative and entertaining. We also found it very inspiring.

You do not have to pay an entrance fee, although a voluntary contribution is highly appreciated. For some exhibitions you have to pay extra.

The Te Papa museum is located in the relaxed city of Wellington, in the southwest of the North Island.