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Skydiving over Texel

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To cross off a special activity from your bucket list, you don’t always have to travel far. You can do fantastic skydiving over Texel. The view is phenomenal. The silence you experience during the jump is really very special. Dangerous? No. Exciting? Definitely. Cool? An insanely cool thing to experience!

Skydiving over Texel: It had to be done

I’m not such a daredevil. As a matter of fact, I’ve never been into roller coasters before. During our trip around the world, however, I did push my limits several times. When we were on Texel for a weekend with our family, everyone else wanted to do a tandem jump. Of course, you can’t refuse and stay behind like a loner when the rest of us got on the plane. I would regret that later and much worse, I would hear it for years from the daredevils that I was a scaredy-cat. So, we decided to jump together and in hindsight I can say that it wasn’t so bad. So, if I could dare to, you can too!

Skydiving over Texel is special

The view from above was so impressive. We were lucky on our jump as it was beautiful, clear weather. So we could see out over the whole island and saw the beautiful dunes, the beach, the sea. The meadows below us looked like a patchwork quilt. The lighthouse was a nice landmark. Even the Afsluitdijk, Vlieland and Den Helder were clearly recognisable.

One of the guides, an Australian who had already parachuted all over the world, told us that he thought Texel was the best place to practise this sport. The views you see here aren’t to be found anywhere else in the world. We took him at his word and it is indeed overwhelming to witness it all as you float down.

Tandem skydiving over Texel

You can register at the check-in desk at the Paracentrum or, if you have already registered online, your details will be checked there. They will then inform you of what time your flight is scheduled for. You get your overalls for the jump that cover your clothes. On the ground you get some instruction so you know exactly what’s going to happen.

Of course, you don’t jump alone. You are firmly attached with a tandem harness to a person called a “tandem master”. And not with a piece of Velcro that might come loose. No, four big hooks, 2 at your shoulders and 2 at your lower back. Safety first.

Then the time comes: together with your tandem master you walk to the airplane and get in. The adrenaline is rushing through you, almost bursting out your ears. Within 10 minutes the plane will be at the right altitude. The tandem master attaches the hooks firmly to you, you slide to the door and before you know it (you don’t have time to be scared!) you are pushed out of the airplane and you whizz down at a speed of 125 mph.

The free fall lasts for 30 seconds. The wind blows at full pelt. That’s why you have to wear safety goggles. After this the parachute opens and it is wonderfully quiet. Your safety goggles come off. You float over the island and enjoy spectacular views. The tandem master teaches you to steer yourself. If you want, you can also do a big pirouette. After about 20 minutes you approach the landing spot. With a gentle landing you’ll be back with both feet on the ground. One more thing crossed off your bucket list!

Practical matters

  • No medical certificate is required for a tandem jump. On discussion with the centre, it is even possible for wheelchair-bound people to do the jump. People weighing between 100 and 115 kg can also only jump after it has been discussed with the centre. There is no age limit. Anyone who can hold their legs up for 15 seconds is capable of doing the jump.
  • Even if you are afraid of heights a tandem skydive is still possible. You have no contact with the ground and therefore do not experience vertigo.
  • The weather conditions determine whether you are allowed to jump. If you have reserved for a day when the jump unfortunately cannot take place, your booking will remain open for 2 years. The Paracentrum does not refund any money for this scenario.
  • Especially on nice days in high season it is a good idea to make a reservation online in advance. If you don’t have a reservation, you will have to wait to see if there is a place available later that day.
  • More information, including beautiful videos of jumps and lots of answers to frequently asked questions, can be found on the Texel Paracentrum website.