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A river cruise through the beautiful Netherlands

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The Netherlands is a country of water and water sports. The Dutch waterway network has a length of more than 5,000 km, which makes it the third largest in Europe. With the many rivers and the small size of the Netherlands, all attractions are close by. It’s time to discover the Netherlands from the water! A river cruise will offer a completely different view of the landscape.

River cruises without a licence

Thanks to the flat landscape, Dutch shipping routes have very few locks, making them easily accessible for beginners. In addition, pleasure boaters can enjoy a typical feature of the Netherlands: drawbridges. With a rental boat from Nicols Boating Holidays, you don’t need a licence. This allows everyone, beginner or advanced, to rent a boat and enjoy the tulips, windmills and beautiful scenery. Nicols is a company that can boast almost 30 years of experience, has the best – self-built – boats and offers sailing routes to the most beautiful destinations for river pleasure cruising.

Boating holidays from the port in Kerkdriel

Nicols has its home base in the Netherlands in the port of Kerkdriel, located on the Meuse. The cosy town is easily accessible from all corners of the world. Several boats with a capacity of 2 to 10 people and fully equipped are ready here. Comfortable cabins, a good bathroom, modern equipment, outdoor terraces, deck shower, two wheelhouses, you’ll want for nothing. What’s more, you don’t even need a boating licence for any of the boats. After some brief instructions, the time comes to explore the Netherlands while sailing!

Various routes for perfect river tourism

Nicols Vaarvakanties has worked out several example routes for you, from a weekend to a boating holiday of 2 weeks. Of course, these are just examples, but if you want to enjoy yourself in a carefree manner, follow such a route and you can be sure that you will visit the most beautiful places along the way. You are of course free to make your own itinerary during your river cruise! In this way you will experience the ultimate freedom of a river cruise.

Nature cruise through the Biesbosch National Park

Not far from the port of Kerkdriel lies the National Park De Biesbosch. You will sail here on calm water, ideal for beginners. There are several places for swimming and fishing. Lovers of flora and fauna will be delighted here. The freshwater tidal area of De Biesbosch is a rare phenomenon. The “bobbing” fresh water is globally unique!

The Gouda cheese market

Sailing along the rivers is typically Dutch. A visit to the cheese market is just as important. You can moor your boat just a 10-minute walk from the beautiful town hall of Gouda. In addition to the cheese market, the old town is very quaint. You will find many nice shopping streets too around the old town.

Maastricht, Dutch Burgundy

In this lovely city on the Meuse you will notice an almost Burgundian atmosphere on the cosy squares. The many terraces invite you to explore them, while for shopaholics there are trendy boutiques. You can also indulge in culinary delights in Maastricht, the city where the foundations of the European Union were laid.

The canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam has so much to offer, just think of the world-famous museums: The Rijks, Van Gogh, Anne Frank House are crowd-pullers. Sailing through or walking over the canals in the Jordaan while enjoying the beautiful buildings along the water, an enormous range of shops, many cafés, restaurants and vibrant nightlife… A visit to the capital of the Netherlands is always too short, there is so much to see and do.

Nicols boat rental

The French company Nicols has been building and renting boats for river cruises for over 30 years. With this vast experience, the company knows better than anyone what the demanding water sportsman expects. The boats meet all requirements and are very complete and comfortably equipped. In France, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands, Nicols offers the possibility of going on a boating holiday without a licence from its 24 rental centres. So, if you get a taste for it after a river cruise in the Netherlands there are still many possibilities elsewhere in Europe!