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A very easy, flexible and safe way to get around Peru is using Peru Hop. This young company offers various routes with a ‘hop-on/hop-off’ concept. From Lima, you can choose a few different routes towards Cuzco or Puno, at the border with Bolivia. You have a year to get to your final destination and in the meantime, you can stay as long as you want in one place.

Advantages Peru Hop

Travelling with Peru Hop offers several interesting advantages:

  • Free pick up at your hotel, the same for drop off.
  • Nice, well-trained guides will escort you on your trips.
  • Along the way, you will visit interesting excursion spots (some for free, some for a small fee).
  • Online, you can easily and quickly let us know when you want to move on to the next place.
  • Via Peru Hop, you can easily book hotels for all price ranges in the places you visit. There are very interesting offers, you can stay for very little money. You can do this online but also in the bus with the guide.
  • A wide range of excursions that you can book with their partners for a reduced rate.
  • Luxury and modern buses that run well and on time and do not stop in every village to see if they can find new passengers.
  • Good, safe drivers, working regular shifts on longer journeys.

You solely travel with tourists of all ages. Young backpackers use Peru Hop but also elderly people, families and solo travellers. You quickly make contact with others on the bus and often meet again later on the journey. Via the website, you can easily choose your destinations, book excursions and arrange your hotels. Highly recommended, through Peru Hop you buy convenience! At first sight it seems more expensive than booking individual tickets with bus companies but because of the offers on excursions and hotels, it is definitely worth it. And remember: with a local bus company, you arrive at a bus terminal often far from the city and need to book a taxi to your hotel.

We really liked the concept of Peru Hop. From Puno in Peru, we travelled further with the “sister” company, Bolivia Hop, to La Paz in Bolivia. The organisation does not offer more routes at the moment.

Click on the link for more information on Peru Hop.