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Happy Holidays

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This year was a peculiar year for all of us. Once again it became clear that health is the greatest good we have. Not being able to travel, or being able to travel more restrictively, is only an afterthought. At silver-travellers.com, we were determined to get the best out of this strange time and we were amazed at what we discovered. We have been to places we would otherwise have never gone to. Precisely because we were so limited, we enjoyed what we could do all the more.

We were creative and paid more attention to what had always been right in front of us. And that resulted in some great insight: you don’t have to go far to see something beautiful or special. We enjoy ‘the ordinary’. That is what this extraordinary year has brought us. But it is clear that 2020 was a (very) difficult year for many. A year that we would quickly like to close both literally and figuratively.

Meanwhile, the ‘dark days before Christmas’ have arrived. This year that title is more applicable than ever. Many countries are in lockdown. One week before Christmas, we slowly realise what this means for us. We hope that you will still have very nice holidays and that, despite all the restrictions, you can still be together with your immediate family. Hang tight, enjoy what you can and stay healthy! In the new year it will definitely be better!

Happy Holidays!